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About Us

Visual Techno Solutions has been established since 2004. VTS is an Information Technology Solutions Providing Company, situated at Kelaniya , presently engaged in Providing Network Solutions, Providing Dedicated and Dial up Internet Connections and Selling Computer Accessories. Having a large number of customer base serving to prestigious customers. Our solutions use latest technologies to ensure that our customers gain the competitive edge while servicing their customers’ needs.

         The data communication & networking section of Visual Techno Solutions is thoroughly proficient of requisite standards and applications. Hence we are very well equipped to handle any sophisticated data communication and network cabling projects. Beyond the physical layer, we offer operating systems support on a multiplicity of platforms from Microsoft Windows 95/98, NT/2000/XP etc, through LINUX, Fedora and Microsoft Advance and 2003 Server Systems. 

Our communication expertise extends way beyond your local area networking requirements. We could engineer the most appropriate wide area connectivity to keep the key operating groups and personnel in your organization, already linked to remote local area networks and hosts. Harmonized to the extent desired by you, based on productivity criteria of your choice. 

Products and Services

LinuxLINUX, Fedora Microsoft Advance

Server Networking Routing

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