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Terracotta floor tiles

My name 's Sarah from Vietnamese Ceramic JSC.
Our Company is focus on producing premium terracotta tiles, Natural clay, Eco green materials,, 100% from best clay resourse in Vietnam.
We specialize in:
* Flooring tile: 200x200; 300x300; 400x400; 500x500mm
* Wall tile: 230x75; 240x60mm
* Step tile: 300x300; 300x400mm
* Terracotta facade: 300x600; 300x900; 300x1200mm

Wide range of sizes, wide range of color, wide range of decorating combination, anti slip, low water absorption, high quality and moits competitive price,  our Tiles is our proud.
Certification: ISO 9001:2008
MOQ: 1008 m2
Packing: Wooden pallate and poly film cover

Item Model: DV03L3
Material: Natural clay, Eco green materials,
Size: 300x300x12mm (WxLxTh)
Usage: Flooring Tiles
Category: Cotto Tiles
Brandname: Gom Dat Viet

Color: Light Red


Made  by the natural clay, 100% green material, safe for your customer.
Never fading, your projects will not old in one hundred years.
Highly resist acid and alkaline, low heat noise insulation, maintain comfortable environment inside your building.

No Slid
Environmental protection of processing.

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