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Unique Enterprises (UK) Limited

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Unique Enterprises (UK) Limited's history started in 1994 when it was setup with a view to wholesale trading and importing and exporting of goods. The company's intention has always been to match traders without having to stock or warehouse the products. This keeps the cost to a minimum so that the end customer benefits higher margins on their orders. Unique Enterprises (UK) Limited currently supply established large distribution companies with a wide variety of customers of their own. Unique Enterprises (UK) Limited are considered a specialist for all kinds of beverages and a competent partner when it comes to ensuring the deliveries are made on a regular basis at a competitive price.

The company has always maintained a high reputation within the industry and it ensures that it complies with all the trading standards expected of a company of this nature, thereby giving the customer the assurance of its services.
The company is currently engaged in wholesale distribution of soft drinks and household grocery products.

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Carbonated Soft Drinks

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