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Maspro Lanka (Pvt) Limited

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Reliability is our motto. Based on this motto, we develop products by ourselves, promising products performance as our specifications sheets show.’’ Kindness is prior to Technology” This is the base of MASPRO Products.



Courtesy to the customers and Reliability from the customers are our top priority. We do our best to make our customers happy, so we offer various products and services to make customers’ life delight with TV and also make effort to be a reliable company in Sri Lanka.



MASPRO antenna is the Top Brand in Japan. Utilizing various technologies over 50 years. Continuous measurement of TV signals at customers’ locations are indispensable for good TV receiving. We propose the best possible solutions using the high performance measuring equipment.


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  • 155, U.D.A Industrial Estate, Katawana Road, Homogama

  • Colombo Sri Lanka

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