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Lark Engineering Company(India) Pvt. Ltd

About Us

Lark Engineering made a humble beginning in 1989 when it commenced manufacturing agriculture machinery. 

It was the year 1994 when it entered into Feed machinery market and manufactured its first small 2 HP Hammer mill.Over a period the company has come a long way and today we have more then 1200 installations all over the country and abroad which include from a single machine to fully automatic computerised projects. 

Due to its commitment to quality and consistent effort in research and development, the company and its technology has received acceptance from a small farmer to big commercial units. Thanks to its innovation approach, the company has applied for two patents in hammer mill and mixer. 

The company has been growing leaps and bounds with the active support of our esteemed customers, without which we could not be where we are today. Today we are focussing on expanding our business in overseas market and while doing so we will continue to strive for customer satisfaction through our quality, competitively priced lines and superior customer service.
Lark will strive hard to deliver energy saving solutions to become the World's leading company in manufacturing of Feed Machines.
Right from its beginning, Lark Engineering has a clearly defined mission: to innovate and produce the best quality highly energy efficient machineries and related parts for maximizing productivity.
In addition to this we are committed to :-
  • A Globally Bench marked Solution provider.
  • A preferred partner , through operation of high value for customers.
In moving towards these objectives, Lark Engineering Company (INDIA) has extended its role from the narrow confines of a machinery supply company to a solution providing company and a preferred partner, through operation of high value for customer.
  • World Class Standards
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Institutional Building
  • Caring for People
  • Contribution to society

Products and Services

QGA 1015 Grinder

Lark introduces model QGA-1015, a hammer mill specially designed for small feed mills. It can run on 10 HP motor and has solved the problems of fine grinding. It has given outstanding results on millet grinding and can be used as separate unit. For normal grinding it has provision to shift to coarse grinding. It is supplied with Inlet hopper, outlet hopper, vibration damper

poultry feed grinder Poultry feed machine grinder animal feed grinder brioler feed grinder

Ribbon Mixer

Double Ribbom Screw Mixer with side outlet is suitable for direct bagging from mixer and where mixer is normally installed at ground floor level. 

These mixers consists of U-shaped horizontal trough in which a heavy duty shaft with two ribbons in helix shape at different pitch circle diameter are mounted with the help of arms.
The ribbon helix is so shaped that when inside mixing shaft rotates, one ribbon pushes the material in one side while at same time other ribbon pushes the material opposite side.
So, particles inside the mixer are given very fast movement and homogenous mix is achieved.
Lark Engineering introduces smart double ribbon screw mixers with its patented ( Pending ) world advanced ribbon design which can perform mixing at much faster rate using minimum of power.
Our Patented Design

Double ribbon screw mixer is being manufactured in this world from the last many decades with common design features of inner and outer blades. One or more of following problems are generally faced in these designs:

  1. Bending of ribbon and arms particularly near to side walls.
  2. Excessive product heating.
  3. Longer mixing time.
  4. More power per ton of mixing.
  5. Mixing not up to the mark.

In our patented design, both outer and inner ribbons are having variable cross-section area i.e., wider at the start of the ribbon and narrower at the end, both ribbons are having end relief.
With these modifications, we have achieved following results:-

  1. Breakage and bending of ribbons completely eliminated.
  2. Very less heat is generated.
  3. Mixing Efficiency: Due to the usage of much wider blades, more pitch of blades, higher rpm, and the mixing efficiency of these mixers is the highest in its class world over.

For achieving same mixing result on any other mixer in its class it will at least save 25-35% of time, similarly at least 25-35% power is saved.

Ribbon Mixer Feed Mixer Poulrty feed Mixer Animal feed Mixer Mixer Blender

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