Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


Yes, it is free for you to post an unlimited amount of valid purchase inquiries.
Well, we at B2b.lk take your Purchase Inquiery and treat it as one of our own, once the inquery comes in we will make sure that you get a response by personally calling the suppliers and asking them to send you the pricing and quotations. Our promise to try and get a minimum of 03 quotations for you (unless its an un avoidable circumstance)
NO, Its your choice what you do after you receive the quotations and you even have the freedom to negotiate or decline any offers.


We at B2b.lk understand that without Businesses posting up inquiries that this B2B online model would not work. Therefore we will be putting in an extra effort to get companies to post their buying request and doing some heavy advertising and promotions for B2b.lk