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About Us

E-Globe Solutions Pvt Ltd Since it’s inception in 2001 has been focused on the Best Service, Best Product, and Value for Money. This has helped us build our business and build a satisfied customer base. Since its inception we have been in the forefront to get Branded products to reach our customers at an affordable price. 

Today we are appointed as an authorised partner for many leading brands in the World. Products such as SEASONIC, ANTEC, SILVERSTONE, ZOTAC, ROCCAT, OCZ are some of these leading brands.

We Build our Systems under the brand name of EGS and also market Brands such as HP, DELL in Sri Lanka as their authorised Partner. For Printers and AIO’s we focus on EPSON world renowned for DOT MATRIX, INK JET Printers and HP Deskjet, Laser Printers.

We are an Intel Technology Provider and were the Primary Server Builders in Sri Lanka using Intel Server Components. We still carry Server Related peripheral’s in our Inventory and can provide solution to their issues, ranging from Budget customers to Mid-Range requirements. We provide network Solutions either wired using CAT5e or CAT6 and Wireless network using N Series 150 / 300.

Our customer base is from Government Sector to Private Sector & Home Based Customers. We focus mainly on High End Systems and have components to build and test those types of systems. We are the only Partner to carry 3 Major Power Supply brands having 80+ Energy Efficient from Standard to Platinum from 300 Watts to 1200Watts.

In addition to Building Systems and Networks we also Service and Repair Systems and Notebooks. We source components that are suitable for each brand and replace them. We use high cooling Thermal Paste from Antec during the service of Notebooks and Gaming Systems

Products and Services

Power Supply - Seasonic

Seasonic is a world reputed Power Supply maker and their Power supplies are certified by 80+ Certification for energy efficency. These certification range from 80+ normal to 80+ Platinum.

We carry Seasonic Power Supply from 350W to 1200W.

Model : G550 - Provides 45Amp 540W and comes with

6 x SATA Cables , 1 x 8/4 Pin - CPU, 5 x 4Pin Connectors, 2 x 8/6 Pin Connecors 

Model : G750 - Provides 62Amp 744W and comes with

10 x SATA Cables, 1 x 8Pin - CPU, 1 x 8/4 Pin CPU, 6 x 8/6 Pin Connectors, 

Model : x650 - Provides 52Amp 648W and comes with

10 x SATA Cables, 1 x 8Pin - CPU, 1 x 8/4 Pin CPU, 4 x 8/6 Pin Connectors, 4 x 4Pin

Model : x850 - Provides 70Amp 840W and comes with

 10 x SATA Cables, 1 x 8Pin - CPU, 1 x 8/4 Pin CPU, 6 x 8/6 Pin Connectors, 5 x 4Pin

Model : P1200 - Provides 100Amp 1200W

14 x SATA Cables, 1 x 8Pin - CPU, 1 x 8/4 Pin CPU, 10 x 8/6 Pin Connectors, 5 x 4Pin

Seasonic Power Supply

Seasonic / Silverstone

We are authorised distributor for Seasonic and Silverstone Power supplies

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We are authorised Distributor for all range of Silverstone Products from Casing to Fans.

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We are authorised distributor for ZOTAC VGA in Sri Lanka

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We are authorised Partner for Corsair Memory and SSD in Sri Lanka

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