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 Mackwoods is the second oldest mercantile firm in Sri Lanka with over 160 years of experience in the international business arena.
The name "Mackwoods" is synonymous with integrity, stability & diversity both locally and internationally.
The Mackwoods Group has approximately 9,500 employees and a land base of approximately 27,000 acres.
It has a well-balanced and diversified portfolio of investments in group enterprises.
Resilience and skill in successfully overcoming threats posed by the macro environment and the ability to adopt and adjust to the ever changing market situation have enabled Mackwoods to survive the coffee blight and two world wars yet prosper over 169 years to be one of the leading mercantile firms in the country.
Close relationship with the industry of Sri Lanka through the provision of inputs such as crop protection products, industrial chemicals, agricultural equipment and technical expertise for management. Also through the exports of fresh coconuts, desiccated coconut, coir fibre, seed nuts, essential oils, spices, fruit juices, canned fruits, and value added tea.
Member of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce for over 100 years and member of The National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka for over 50 years.
In-house expertise in the fields of marketing, agronomy, engineering, Information technology and software development, financial accounting, market research, consultancy services and corporate strategy.
The Board of Directors consists of specialists in their own fields with many years of international experience.
Professionally qualified, experienced, well trained & highly motivated management teams.
Availability of electronic data processing facilities, in-house software development, communication and substantial inrastructure facilities.
Offices in Sri Lanka and London, United Kingdom.
Mackwoods has consistently achieved international benchmarks of excellence.



We believe many things differentiate us from others, in particular the core values and 168 year heritage of our company, and our strong tradition of looking outwards to the community we serve, the Nation as a whole, and our global partners.

We have established a reputation for quality, through sincere effort, resilience, intelligent direction and skilful execution, and we constantly strive to maintain and enhance this across all of our international operations.



Our theme “Tradition with Vision”, exemplifies the driving force which has enabled Mackwoods to survive, and grow, amidst the local and global changes which have taken place since our establishment 168 years ago. Our vision is one of continuous development of our existing business and diversification into new business which will create value for our employees, our share holders and for society.

  • & INDUSTRY    
    Mackwoods Ltd. (Import & Export Trading, Agribusiness, Healthcare, Financial Services, Leisure, Manufacturing & Industrial Sectors)
    Mackwoods Plantations (Pvt) Ltd.  (Plantation Management)
    Mackwoods Healthcare (Pvt) Ltd. (Pharmaceuticals & Vet Products)
    Agalawatte Plantations Ltd. (Plantations - A public quoted company)
    Mackply Industries (Pvt) Ltd. (Manufacturing - Plywood)
    Paklan Latex (Pvt) Ltd. (Manufacturing - Centrifuge Latex)
    Mackwoods Tea (Pvt) Ltd. (Branded Tea Marketing)
    Mackwoods Infotec (Pvt) Ltd. (I.C.T. Education)
    Mackwoods IT (Pvt) Ltd. (Software Development & I.C.T. Consultancy)
    Mendis Mackwood Charity Fund (A non-profit organisation engaged in alleviation of poverty and assisting the needy)
    Mackwoods Research Foundation (A non-profit organisation to foster research and  development in Sri Lanka)
    Mackwoods Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. (Power Generation & Telecommunication Services)
    Mackwoods Travels (Pvt) Ltd. (Inbound & Outbound Travel & Tours)
    Taprospa Resorts (Pvt) Ltd. (Hotels & Resorts)
    Mackwoods Insurance Brokers (Pvt) Ltd. (Insurance Brokers)
    Mackwoods Foods Ltd. (Food Products)
    AEN (Pvt) Ltd. (Oil Palm Plantations and Processing)
    Claridge Asset Management (Pvt) Ltd. (Fund Management)
    Claridge Stockbrokers (Pvt) Ltd. (Stockbroking)
    Mackwoods Real Estate (Pvt) Ltd. (Real Estate Development)

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