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Kent Engineers (Pvt) Ltd

About Us

About us 

Kent Engineers Pvt Ltd, established in 1991 has evolved and grown to become Sri Lanka's largest provider of 
turnkey Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing engineering solutions. Kent is synonymous with transforming 
engineering concepts to reality and guaranteed client satisfaction. Over the last two and half decades, we 
have been entrusted with large development projects, both locally and internationally. Since its inception, 
Kent Engineers has grown to become the premier provider of specialized Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing 
design and installation solutions that include hot and cold water systems, sewer and waste water systems, 
rain water and vent systems, fire protection and detection systems, electrical and ELV systems,gas systems, 
steam and compressed air systems, AC and mechanical ventilation systems and steel fabrication.

The company’s extensive portfolio includes high rise apartment buildings, star class hotels, multi-storey office 
buildings, hospitals, garment factories, luxury homes, large scale water supply schemes, sewer treatment plants, 
water purification plants, swimming pools and any kind of water features.

Our strength lies in the qualified and dedicated team of industry experts who are behind the company’s success. 
With a team of over 500 industry experts, we strive to understand and satisfy client needs. At Kent, we believe 
in delivering the world class engineering solutions and staying abreast with global quality standards and best 
practices including the ISO 9001:2009,OHSAS 18001 and EMS 14001 standards. We are rated EM1 for Plumbing, Fire 
Systems and Electrical systems the highest rank set by the Institute of Construction Training and Development 
(ICTAD). We are proud to be the only EM1 graded MEP contractor in Sri Lanka to have all three above mentioned 
certificated from Sri Lanka Standards Association (SLSI).


Vision :

To become Sri Lanka’s most trusted and Innovative Turnkey Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing contractor.


Mission :

To deliver superior quality turnkey MEP solutions through world class standards/processes practiced throughout the value chain that is controlled by workforces who are passionate about their work.


Values :

  • People – Employees are provided with the best environment to work while they are well trained and guided through career progression
  • Innovation – Rapidly changing with innovative ideas to find highly effective and efficient engineering solutions.
  • Integrity – Providing solutions ethically and responsibly using internationally recognized business practices and processes.
  • Passion – Highest commitment and dedication towards every aspect of the business to the complete satisfaction of the stakeholders.

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