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Total documents solutions provider Gestetner of Ceylon plc., which last year celebrated 50 years as a public quoted company since 1964, is gearing up for the future by repositioning itself.

With a rapidly-growing dealer network, which has risen from three to 21 to date, the company has also increased its market share and is now among the top three solutions providers in the industry.

Gestetner of Ceylon PLC unveiled its new logo recently. The new corporate logo sports a cutting-edge look in vibrant shades of red and blue. The clean circular ‘G’ signifies the flow of end-to-end solutions offered by the company, culminating in a smart arrow indicating the growth envisioned.

A force to reckon with, Gestetner of Ceylon Plc., is now more vibrant than ever before. With a new and regenerated team on board to guide the company forward, in the backdrop of several experienced personnel joining it recently, Gestetner of Ceylon Plc., provides a significantly more caring and customer-oriented service.

Be it owned, outsourced or IT-based, Gestetner of Ceylon Plc., manages companies’ day-to-day document reproduction needs cost-effectively by providing innovative hardware and software management utility that guarantees workflow and profits. 

A trusted and respected company in Sri Lanka for over 70 years and industry pioneer in Sri Lanka, Gestetner of Ceylon Plc.’s portfolio includes the world’s leading office automation brands, providing confidence, reliability and value for money. Its ever-expanding product portfolio includes Ricoh, BenQ, Fujitsu and Lenovo, in addition to services provided by Nashua Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. (Gestetner Offset) and Gestetner Printing Services (Pvt) Ltd. (Gestetner Outsource), under parent company Gestetner of Ceylon PLC. 

Gestetner of Ceylon Plc.’s core business products are of Japanese origin. While Ricoh retains the number one position in global market share, Fujitsu occupies the top laptop brand slot in Japan and BenQ projectors are within the top three in terms of global market share. The company also sells and rents equipment in addition to undertaking high quality digital printing and offset printing.

Via its P2P (Print to Profit) service, it supplies the equipment and the client pays per copy that is taken, while servicing and replacements costs are borne by the company, which results in a cost effective solution for the client. Companies with their own large base of clients are able to assign a code for each of their clients, monitor the copies taken for each client and bill them accordingly.

While its products are represented in all provinces of Sri Lanka, Gestetner of Ceylon PLC, is also one of the leading office automation brands in the Maldive Islands and it has nearly 10,000 satisfied customers both here and in the Maldives. The company has won large projects in the Government education sector, has industry experienced staff covering island-wide sales and service, enjoys close partnerships with multinational companies spanning over 15 years and offers backup consumables for uninterrupted operation of products, ensuring efficiency and productivity. 

Further ensuring client satisfaction is its island-wide door-to-door after sales service coverage, offering a response within a minimum guaranteed time. It also has a multilingual call centre facility to cater to island-wide customers, highly-trained technicians based in key cities and free services within the warranty period. 

When it comes to post-sales services, its consumables, accessories and spare parts are genuine and freely available throughout the island through authorized dealers and its products meet the industry’s economical cost per copy. Gestetner of Ceylon Plc., offers guaranteed immediate/next day door-to-door delivery, an island-wide network of dealers, two dealers located in the Maldive Islands and skilled technical staff in all provinces of Sri Lanka. 

In terms of financial stability, the company has grown consecutively YOY for five years and its financials are freely available for scrutiny. Committed to empower and enable, it is dedicated to its staff, shareholders and customers, while caring for society and the environment.

With healthy dividend payments to shareholders to its credit, the company has enjoyed good business relationships with recognized bankers and overseas principals for over 70 years. Gestetner of Ceylon Plc., is the pioneer office automation company in Sri Lanka, marketing reliable products in the country for over 70 years, and is among the top-of-mind office automation brands in the country. 

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