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About Us

We Are

Highly active Telco/IT service and solution provider based in Sri Lanka with a wide regional presence especially, in South Asia and the Middle East.

Ceynox Networks shall develop and deliver excellent business solutions, aiming to increase end-user revenue, enhanced satisfaction and provide a tangible competitive edge to its clientele.

Ceynox Networks' turnkey services include the delivery of voice, data, multimedia, Internet and related applications to Telco operators, OEMs, other industry verticals including, banking, insurance, transport, manufacturing, media, healthcare, education, energy, defence and public sector venture/institutions.

In addition, the company provides professional and consultancy services to clients in local and overseas. Our professional services include
Full Turnkey (FTK) Telco Implementation
In-Building Solutions (IBS)
Network Rollout and Optimisation (NRO)
fibre-optic installations
Outside Plant Work (OSP)
IT infrastructure solution implementation
Telco core-network implementation and managed services
Further, we offer training and knowledge transfer programs in key areas of the industry.

We will partner in improving the efficiency and succeed in an increasingly challenging business environment by successfully integrating the latest technology solutions that shall deliver mission-critical projects and operations.

Our Vision

To be the prime technology partner, drives innovative discoveries for the evolution of communication.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality in services that deliver optimum business value by corporate and technology governance. 

Our Commitment

Commitment to socially responsible business practice

At Ceynox Networks (Private) Ltd, being a responsible corporate citizen means we make customers, associates, communities and the environment key priorities. The strength of our commitment is reflected by our practice of treating each of these important aspects with the utmost respect. Equally important are our ethical business practices, which are always top-of-mind in everything we do.
Empowering customers, associates and communities

We place a high value on being a good partner to our customers, associates and communities. As an employer, we provide a diverse and inclusive environment where our associates can grow, succeed and contribute to the communities where they live and work.
Sustainable operations

The most significant way we can reduce our impact on the environment is through sustainable operations. We utilise energy-efficient technology in our solutions to ensure that we and our customers' impact on the environment is reduced.
Ethical business practices

Ethical business practices play a critical role in our approach to transparent and effective governance.

We view business ethics as fundamental to successful business practices. Operating ethically means, at a minimum, conducting our affairs in accordance with the letter and spirit of the applicable laws of the countries in which we do business. In addition, we require our employees to conduct our business with honesty, integrity and fairness.

We are accountable to numerous stakeholders including customers, employees and the larger domestic and international community. We believe we must conduct business in a transparent manner, in order to maintain the trust and confidence of all our stakeholders, while protecting the commercially confidential interests of our customers.

We strive for balance between public accountability and respect for customer confidentiality. 

Our Quality Policy

Ceynox Networks is committed to constant improvement and the achievement of Global Best Practices in all aspects of our business. Every employee within the organisation is responsible to ensure a total quality outcome for their processes.

Ceynox Networks therefore provides training and knowledge sharing to ensure that the necessary skills are in place, while new skills sets are honed, for effective decision making and performance improvement.

Our aim is to satisfy our customers with excellence by understanding their needs and delivering quality products and services, in the agreed time, at a price which represents a superior value offering. 

Products and Services

BM, HP, Dell, CISCO,CISCO, Polycom, NEC,Acumen, CP

Product Make
Routers, Switches, Wireless CISCOHPD-Link
Voice, Video CISCOPolycomNEC
Security CISCOFortinetRadware
Load balancing CitrixRadwareFortinet
Virtualization & Cloud VM WareCitrixRadware
Laptops, Desktops & Servers IBMHPDellCISCO
Storage EMCHitachi
UPSs, Batteries, Invertors,
Solar systems,
Generators & other
Power Products
Schneider Electric
Lightening and Surge Protection LMV LHPKumwell
Cables and accessories Molex3MDrakaBelden
Printers, Scanners CannonEpsonHP
O/S, Application Software,
In-House Development of Software
Microsoft, Core Banking, CRM, Billing, Loyalty Mgt., Hospitality Mgt., Fleet Mgt., Network Mgt., Inventory Mgt.
Surveillance AcumenCP PlusD- Link
Lighting & Energy 
Saving Systems

Printers Scanners Laptops Desktops Servers O/S Application Software UPSs Batteries Invertors Solar systems Generators

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