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About Us

YOYOLE is the logo of ZP Medical which is a professional health-care and medical consumables supplier. We are manufacturer and supplier of an extensive gamut of Personal Hygiene Products and medical consumables.

Our complete product range is manufactured in compliance with international quality norms and guidelines using superior material.

Products and Services

YOYOLE underpad

YOYOLE underpad  are available in variety of sizes and absorbencies to suit all needs. It's widely used for hospital bed, infant bed, wheelchair and operating table to protect patients, the elder and infants against body fluids contamination.

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YOYOLE adult diaper

We offer a range of adult diaper for the needs of the incontinence. It is designed for double absorption core that absorb liquid quickly and neutralize odors and leakage proof to make users move confidently. And adjustable tabs allow for easy changing.

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YOYOLE disposable soft stretcher

Light soft stretcher is widely used in: 

1. Patient mover

2. Transfer between hospitals, operation tables, ambulances

3. Home reserve 

4. Home care nursing

5. Emergency

6. Disaster unit kit

7. Military first aid traning

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