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Electric motor, compressors

Industries & Buildings is one of fastest growing and most reliable single source supplier for all industries and building requirements, relating to:

Electrical - cable, trays, ladder, switchgears, power supply, switches, relay, contact, connectors, 
Ventilation - fire dampers, axial fans, jet fans, centrifugal fans etc.
Air-conditioning - chillers, puf panels, insulation, gaskets, AHU, FCU, grills, diffusers etc.
Mechanical - valves, control valves etc.
Gas & Fire - gas detector, flame detectors, fire sensors, smoke sensors, hooters, call points etc.
Safety - hooks, ladders, ropes, saddles, poles etc.
Interiors - furniture and furnishing
Meter, monitors - lux, density, moisture, condensation, sound, radiation etc.
Control: plc, vfd, power supply, panels etc.

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  • 919672729198

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