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TPE granules

China factory touch soft natural Thermoplastic Elastomer TPE shore 60A resin adhesion in overmolding

Hard-soft overmolding TPE(Thermoplastic elastomers) 60A engineering granules

natural,specialty  thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) family. 
This range of compounds are specially compatabilized to provide excellent adhesion to a variety polar substrates including PP, PC, ABS, PC/ABS, PA, ASA and PVC.  even at elevated temperatures, good processability, a wide hardness range, low temperature flexibility, good scratch resistance, good colourability and surface appearance, and excellent mechanical properties.
Hardness, 60A .
• Broad processing window in injection molding.
• Recommended for applications requiring superior part surface appearance.
• RoHS compliant.
Automotive-Plugs, Bumpers, Grommets, Clips
Consumer-Floor Care, Kitchen Tools, Power Tools, Writing Instruments
Consumer Applications
Sex toys
Seals and Gaskets
Soft Touch Grips
Appliance Components
Automotive Applications
Automotive Under the Hood
Cell Phones
Consumer Applications
Eyeglass Frames
Flexible Grips
Living Hinges
Sporting Goods
Strain Reliefs
White Goods & Small Appliances

Tooth brash

plastic resin

pa66 Raw material Asahi Kasei Leona 14G50 50% Glas

Raw material nylon pa66 GF 60 natural
Enhanced strength and stiffness; with 50% GF. Superior heat aging resistance, fatigue resistance, and creep resistance. Color- black
Applications: Mechanical and electrical parts, engine mounts and other under-the-hood automotive parts
Applications: Mechanical and electrical parts, engine mounts and other under-the-hood automotive parts6
packed in a paper bag, 25kgs/pack
application area
1, Automotive manufacturing:
Used for making fuel filters, fuel filters, tanks, traps, oil storage tanks, engine cylinder hoods, radiator tanks, and balanced rotating shaft gears. Can also be used in automotive electrical accessories, terminals and so on. In addition, it can also be used as driving and controlling parts.
2, Electrical and electronic industry:
The utility model can be used for the manufacture of electric rice cookers, electric dust cleaners, high-frequency electronic food heaters, terminals, switches and resistors of electrical appliances, etc..
3 , Medical instruments and precision instruments:
The utility model is used for a medical transfusion tube, a blood sampling device, an infusion device, etc.. PA monofilament can be used as surgical suture, wig and so on; in addition, the electronic typewriter digital rotary disk, terminal column, transmission gear, printing machine belt filter.
4, Other aspects:
For the production of disposable lighter body, alkaline battery liner, the motorcycle driver's helmet, office machine shell, chair angle wheel, seat and back office, skates, fishing line, PA films with excellent gas barrier properties, oil resistance and low temperature resistance, impact resistance, penetration resistance, can be used for meat, ham sausage frozen food packaging. Polyamides can also be bars and plates, as well as gears or other gears.


UV stablized Covestro Makrolon 2207 Polycarbonate(

UV stablized Covestro Makrolon  2207 Polycarbonate(PC) resin  for injection moulding

MVR (300 °C/1.2 kg) 35 cm³/10 min; general purpose; low viscosity; UV stabilized; easy release; injection molding - melt temperature 280 - 320 °C; available in transparent, translucent and opaque colors

particularly suitable for the production of transparent, low-stress parts with thin walls and long flow paths (e.g. lamp diffusers).

Makrolon®  2207 display excellent flowability for polycarbonates. Their thermal and electrical properties are largely identical to those of the higher-molecular grades; however, the higher-molecular grades offer greater toughness and resilience and better stress cracking behavior.

These Makrolon® grades are noted for their very good melt flow properties and are thus suitable for the production of moldings with an unfavorable flow length/wall thickness ratio, i.e. for the production of large moldings with thin walls.

PC granules

PPS Resin for Injection Molding ,Ryton QA220N Poly

PPS Resin for Injection Molding ,Ryton  QA220N Polyphenylene Sulfide
Ryton® QA220N unfilled polyphenylene sulfide exhibits excellent thermal stability and chemical resistance.
Key features:
PPS application is its excellent heat resistance as the center, taking into account its anti-friction and self-lubricating, chemical stability, dimensional stability, flame-retardant and electrical insulation.
In the chemical industry PPS can be used for the synthesis, transportation, storage of materials, reaction tanks, pipes, valves, chemical pumps and more, in the mechanical center PPS can be made impeller, blades, gears, eccentric wheels, bearings, clutch and wear parts
Main use or in the field of electronic appliances, such as the production of transformer skeleton, high-frequency coil skeleton, plugs, sockets, patch panels, contactor drums and various precision parts

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