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New Company Incoporation

We are a government approved company secretary firm (Our certificate is displaying in the advertisement) and registered under the companies Act No 07 of 2007 at the Registrar of Companies. Our charges for the total process of the company incorporation is only LKR 5,000/- and company incorporation process will be completed within a week.

Following are the steps and the way you can register the company

  1. First You can contact us over the phone (It is mention in this webpage), via Email (info@ebusinesseye.com), Skype (indika516), Viber & WhatsApp (Viber & whatsApp only in the dialog Phone Number)  or by visiting our office, we are providing all the necessary information need for the company incorporation & You can clarify any matters related to the company incorporation


  1. You should propose a name for the company and we will do the name searching and obtaining the name approval on behalf of you.


  1. We prepare the all the necessary documents on behalf of you based on your requirement (we need only the company address, Your Full Name, Personal Address and NIC/Passport No as an additional information to prepare the documents) – you should not pay any advance or any other fees up to this point. You can use any address within Sri Lanka as an address of the company & you. We are not requesting any address proof to confirm the address. You can do any kind of any no of Business under this company registration.


  1. Then you can visit to our office and signature the documents or if you are unable to visit our office we can email the all the necessary documents to you for your signature (If you are currently outside of the country is not a matter to signature the documents).


  1. You should pay advance to continue the incorporation process and we will issue the receipt for your advance.


  1. You can collect the Incorporation certificate and other stuff from us within few days and you can make the balance payment.


  1. If you want to open a bank account in any bank for the company, we are issuing the Board resolutions, Certified copies of the all the company incorporation documents at the same time when you are collecting the company incorporation documents or any other date according to your requirement of the bank account for the company. There are no extra charges for this.


  1. If you want any knowledge for the future business activities, legal requirement of the company, Tax implication on the company, tax planning, Import Export Procedures and any other knowledge, you can get from us at any time without paying any consultancy fee for us. We are giving some additional services other than the free consultancy to our clients as a small help to develop their business. Those all are free of charge.  


  1. We will do the paper advertisement and the gazette Notification on behalf of you and you are informed the advertisement publishing dates via SMS. We email the paper advertisement and the gazette notification for your reference and informed to you that we complete our company incorporation job without any pending step.

Why you should do your company incorporation from us?

  1. We are the firm who charges the lowest charge for the company incorporation (Get the quotation from others and compare with our quotation).
  2. We are a government license holding company Secretaries and we are Limited Liability Company.
  3. You can get any information or discuss any matters with us without paying any fees. Don’t worry about your current knowledge about the business because everybody doesn’t know everything in the world.
  4. You can obtain the all the other services form us at the lowest market rate.
  1. Tax Advisory Services
  2. Book Keeping and All Accounting Services
  3. Financial Statement Auditing & Assurance Services
  4. Financial Arrangements & Advice for the Financial Management.
  5. Human Resource Management
  6. Company secretary Services
  7. Export Development Support Services
  8. Other Services.

(If you need contact details for other services like web developments, cargo clearing, etc. we are providing our clients contact detail to get the necessary information. We are providing their contact details with the trust on their services. But we are not providing guarantee for their services. Because we are not expecting any commission from those kind of services. We are doing that only for the benefit of you and our client. Professionally we don’t like to give some guarantee on the services which  are provided by others.)

If you have any problem related to Accounting, Tax, Business, Financial, HR, Marketing, etc. We are ready to give free consultation for you. You no need to worry about your current knowledge about that area. We have experienced and we are advising to the people who have different knowledge level. So We invite you to contact us & discuss in details how we can help you.

Winners don’t do the different things but they do things in a different way.


Pls click to below link to find our office in Google Map


Contacts –

Tel – 0714239284, 0777555210,

Email – info@ebusinesseye.com

Skype – indika516 

Viber/ WhatsApp - 0777555210

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