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Wiselife(HK) Technology Co., Limited is specialized in the designing, R&D, manufacturing and sales of Automatic Car Covers in China.

We were devoted to manufacture manual car covers 10 years ago. People are willing to use car covers to cover their cars, especially those who buy new cars and those who have nice luxury cars. But the manual car covers are not so hot-selling as we expected. Why? It takes too much time and energy to cover a car with manual car cover, most times it needs two people to operate. And also it takes too much space and it seems always in a mess. It gets dirty after being used for a couple of times, people don't want to touch it anymore and throw it somewhere in a corner. That's almost the most common fate of a manual car cover.

In early 2014, after thousand times of experiments and tests, we finally invented and developped new innovative products: Automatic Car Covers. They are a revolution of car covers and they are very popular and liked by people, especially in hot days in Summer. The sales volume came up to 2000 units in the first month. Till the end of 2014, 25000 units were sold out.

Since the middle of 2015, we were planning to share the products and expand the market worldwide. Hope our products can help people all over the world enjoy a better and easier life.

Should there be any question about our products or our company, please contact us. Thank you!

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